Pixel Art

Pixel Art is something new we’re trying in our ever expanding range of mediums! But some of you may be confused as to what exactly Pixel Art is, So here is a little help.

Pixel Art is a real, Physical piece that you can hold. It is made of Perler Beads which can be purchased at any hobby shop. We then put them together to form a picture like what you see above. What makes these really cool is they happen to look like old NES sprites come to life. Its like having your very own physical piece ripped straight from a old school video game.

But anything can be made from Pixel Art and each piece ranges in size. The more complex the image, The bigger the piece will be. By simply placing the beads on the Perler Board, We can make anything you want. We then use a iron to bond the beads together. Pictured is Shining Mew of the Pokemon franchise taken straight from an in-game image. (pictured below)

Once the beads have bonded, You can now physically hold your Pixel Art and display it! This is not a piece of paper with an image on it, Our Pixel Art is roughly 4 cm’s thick and made completely of Perler Beads.

If you would like to own one of your own, Please contact us at f1sh1000@aim.com and we’ll give you all the info needed! Thankyou as always for checking out the site and be sure to follow us on facebook by clicking the link on the right.


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